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Are You Up For Becoming A Farrier?


If you are thinking about choosing this career, then you need to make some research first. The first step in this direction is to assess yourself honestly and see if you can become a farrier.

Those who are already into this job say that it is a hard physical work and only 1 hour of this is the equivalent of making 2 or 3 hours into constructions. It’s not only the hard work, but one must know that horses can also be dangerous animals if they are scared. If you choose to do this, you must know your job very well.

It’s not a job just for men, because women too can become farriers. It takes passion, care and love for the horses.

What is the process?

180px-Horse_shoes_and_horse_shoeing-146In some countries there is required a special accreditation, while other countries don’t ask for it. This means that the level of freedom is greater if you want to become a farrier.

During the last years, this job reached a certain level and today farriers need to be highly qualified and with a lot of experience. This is actually the reason why the schools of farriers are for, to offer the best possible ways to learn how to be a farrier, not only from books but also with practice.

Why chose a farrier school?

If you go through a program of apprenticeship, you will not learn all that you need to become a good farrier. If you take up classes in a school of farriers, you will learn a lot more. There are special programs for those who just want to know the basic rules about this job or lengthy programs for those who want to turn this into a full time career.

How to Learn

It is ok if you chose an apprenticeship program, as in some countries certification is not required. What both a school and an apprenticeship program offer is practice. This is a job that cannot be done unless practice is done.

What apprenticeship means is that you will be learning with only one person. This is not bad, if the said person is highly qualified, but a school program will offer you many possibilities. You will learn from different teachers who have multiple experiences and have worked in the field for a long time. With multiple instructors, you will learn a lot more. A school has the possibilities to offer you different programs, to teach you different techniques on different breeds of horses.

Get Certification

INV15logoEven if a certification is not always required, it is recommended to get one, just in case. This will show that you take your skills seriously and you can be trusted to care for somebody’s horses. It shows also that you have a certain level, that you are competent in what you do, but also professional.

A Job or a Career

A job is something that you do for a living, while a career is something that you do out of passion and love. If you have the passion and love for horses, if you want to be near them, treat them and offer them a better life, then being a farrier is the best carrier for you.

It’s demanding indeed, but it is also rewarding, as not many people can work with horses.

The Costs

It may be costly to become a farrier. The school tuition can be higher than the usual school programs, and the tools required are also to be paid for. What you have to consider is that this investment is worth it on the long term. It is not easy to follow this program, but if you are dedicated to it, you will find it rewarding and amazing.